What is Beanworks?

Beanworks is an accounts payable automation platform, built to delight.

Getting Started with Virtual Credit Cards

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Unlock the Benefits of AP Automation and Virtual Credit Cards

Beanworks solves your accounts payable challenges while saving time and money. We take care of the data entry and accelerate the rest of the AP process with features like automatic approval routing, internal controls, and SmartCoding.

With Beanworks, processing an invoice from receipt to payment will take less than 120 seconds* on average. Get back to doing what you love most about accounting and leave the rest to Beanworks. 

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True AP automation is defined by four key features, from procurement to payment. Virtual credit cards allow for full integration with your accounting system, which can ultimately lower processing costs and allow companies to implement stronger internal controls on their payments workflow.

In this whitepaper, we’ll take a look at accounts payable automation and show how virtual credit cards fit into this process. You’ll learn how virtual credit cards work, their benefits and challenges, and how companies earn money through rebate programs.

 Topics we'll cover include:

What You'll Find Inside

  • What is AP Automation?
  • What are Virtual Credit Cards?
  • Anatomy of a Virtual Credit Card
  • The Benefits & Challenges  of Virtual Credit Cards
  • How to Get More Value from AP Automation

About the Author

Anna Moorhouse is the Content Marketing Strategist at Beanworks. With 6+ years communications and marketing experience in a variety of industries, including financial services, data security, and fintech, she is a regular contributor to the Beanworks blog and author of several accounting industry whitepapers.

Beanworks has given us the ability to track and access our files in real time wherever we go, and across all devices. And that means a lot for our business.

Catherine Sayyad, National AP Supervisor

We Integrate with Most Major Accounting Software Including:

Getting Started with Virtual Credit Cards
Download our whitepaper to learn more.

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