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Accounts Payable Automation, Built for Your Team

See why users choose Sage AP Automation to connect their teams from purchase to payment.

Learn how Sage AP Automation benefits your team through collaboration and cost savings.

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Accounts Payable Automation, Built for Your Team

How Much Can You Save with AP Automation?

On average, a single invoice can cost businesses up to $15.96 to process manually when you take into account the combined price of labor, materials, printing, and postage. Automated processing saves you both time and money.

Discover How Automation Transforms Your Process

 Eliminate Data Entry

Pay For What You Use

Approvals Your Way

Your team is busy. Leave the data entry to us and focus on strategic tasks that impact your organization’s bottom line and help you grow faster.

Empower your team with configurable approval channels based on custom fields like invoice amount, vendor, and more for maximum efficiency.

Have as many users as you’d like and pay only for the invoices you process. Sage AP Automation aligns your AP across all companies and departments.

Access From Anywhere

Making You Money

Here to Help You

Securely access and approve invoices for one or multiple companies online from any device, anywhere in the world.

With our virtual credit card rebate program, you make money while paying directly from Sage AP Automation. Release a payment, get cash back—it’s that simple.

You always have access to our live support team who are there to help you get the most out of Sage AP Automation.

Setup Fees


$0 for

Sage 50
Sage 100
Sage 300
Sage 500

500 + Invoices

$1.40 each

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Under 250 Invoices*

$1.60 each

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Pay for Only What You Use

The standard setup fee of $3,000 will be waived for all Sage customers.

250 - 500 Invoices

$1.50 each

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*Minimum monthly charge of $32.00 for 20 invoices and under.

Sage AP Automation Powered by
the Beanworks Guarantee

Sage AP Automation solves your accounts payable challenges while saving time and money. We take care of the data entry and accelerate the rest of the AP process with features like automatic approval routing, internal controls, and SmartCoding.

With Sage AP Automation, processing an invoice from receipt to payment will take less than 120 seconds on average. Get back to doing what you love most about accounting and leave the rest to Sage AP Automation. 

Integrating with Your Sage Accounting Software

By managing approval workflows and internal controls in Sage AP Automation, your coded invoices are automatically routed to the correct approvers every time, and approvals can be completed from any location, on any device. Sage AP Automation integrates seamlessly with Sage 50c (Canadian), Sage 50c (US), Sage 100c, Sage 300c and Sage 500.

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